The registration form and other documents that must be sent are available on the Avis Municipality website.

You can also register online by completing and submitting the following form:

Billing data

Category you are applying for

Artisans: All those who dedicate themselves to the sale of products / materials made of artisan form, namely; leather work, confection of costumes, props, wreaths of dried flowers, works of jewelery, wood, cork, felt, iron, stone. Invited craftsmen: this category includes people who have their voter registration in the municipality of Avis and the craftsmen who work in medieval replicas and who work during the fair's work, in particular; blacksmith, cobbler, badger, corkier, furrier;

Merchants: All those dedicated to the preparation, confection and sale of foodstuffs, convent sweets, jams, honey, crepes, nuts, medicinal herbs, beverages and other potions that comply with all hygiene and food safety standards stipulated by HACCP. Also considered in this category are all those that promote the sale of products / materials framed in medieval times and that are not produced by the own ones. Arab merchants who promote the sale of leather goods / materials that are not produced by them.

Dimensions / information of the tent

Attachments required

- Declaration of Commitment for Participation in the Avis Iberian Medieval Fair
- Photocopy of the Declaration of Commencement of Activity
- Photocopy of the Professional Craftsman Card | Photocopy of the Feirante Card (as applicable)
- Photographs of the products to be exhibited
- Photos of clothing
- Photos of the tent

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the use of their personal data for the purposes of this application / form, allowing their processing in personal or computerized personal data files.
that your personal data are included in the Avis Municipality's database.
that the images collected during the Iberian Medieval Fair of Avis 2019 be used for information, publication and dissemination in the Facebook pages managed by Avis Municipality:
the maintenance of their personal data in the terms and deadlines set in the Regulamento Arquivístico para as Autarquias Locais, approved by Portaria no. 412/2001, of April 17, amended and republished by Portaria no. 1253/2009, of October 14th.